Watsons theory of human caring essay

Nursing leads to taking care of others and not oneself. Jean Watson has stated that her work was motivated by her search of a new meaning to the world of nursing and patient care. According to Watson a single caring moment becomes a moment of possibility and in that moment an actual opportunity for human caring can occur Alligood, The focus of care is on the patient and psychosocial needs rather than on technology.

According to her beliefs, body, mind and soul are distinquished from each other. In choosing the profession of nursing, I made a moral promise to Watsons theory of human caring essay for all patients, which is a decision that I do not take lightly.

The family of this patient was very appreciative and voiced to me that my approach to the situation had allowed them to cope with the death of his or her loved one the best way possible and that without my understanding and accepting care it would have been much more difficult for them.

He believes that relative principles are imperative in community based nursing as they enable practitioners to execute their duties with ease.

The systematic use of the scientific problem-solving method for decision making The scientific problem- solving method is the only method that allows for control and prediction, and that permits self-correction. The Human Caring Model Watson note that the model for human caring has carative factors, relations for transpersonal caring and caring occasion.

Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Essay

Additionally, this connection motivates nurses so that they can be conscious while offering care that heals their patients. The moment of coming together in a caring moment occasion presents the two persons with the opportunity to decide how to be in the relationship—what to do with the moment Watson, Compassion challenges us to cry out with those in misery, to mourn with those who are lonely, to weep with those in tears.

These include listening to the experiences of the patients actively to help them understand their illnesses better. Humans cannot be separated from self, other, nature and the larger univers and should be treated as a whole.

However, it contributes to the inner healing as well as the reconciliation of the mind, soul and body of a patient. There is a well - known gap between theory and practice in nursing. Early in her work Jean Watson noted 10 carative factors that can be identified and serve as a guide to practicing nursing and these eventually evolved into the 10 clinical caring caritas processes.

Since than, the number of published reports of the theory has grown. The steps we took to attempt to save his life were explained to the family, and this helped them gain a better understanding of the situation. Caring is such a vital part of nursing that is specifically identified in the Code of Ethics for Nurses, in that all professional nurses have a responsibility to care for patients under their care ANA, This creates a united environment that supports the self-healing ability of both the patient and the nurse.

Garcia was terminally ill suffering from end stage lung cancer with mets to the bones. Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring provides a solid foundation for any nurse to provide excellent care to their patients.

By combining the Watson’s carative factors with the science of medicine, a nurse can attain a more well-rounded perspective of what their patient is experiencing. Knowledge Of Nursing Watsons Theory Of Human Caring Nursing Essay.

Print Reference this. Jean Watson, famous for her Theory of Human Caring, wants the nurses to learn to cope with the complexities arising in every circumstance and to find ways of preserving their caring practice.

Take a look at what our essay writing service can do for. In conclusion, Jean Watson’s theory of human caring helps define the caring moment or moments that occur between a nurse and patient and focuses on the fact that both nurse and patient have a uniqueness he or she brings to the moment.

Watson’s philosophy, science, and theory of human caring as a conceptual framework for guiding community health nursing. Advances in Nursing Science, 23 (2), In his research, Adeline () provides an in depth exploration of Watson’s theory of human caring.

Dr. Jane Watson's Theory of Human Caring Dr. Jean Watson, a registered nurse with a doctorate in philosophy, believed that nursing was more than just a health profession, but rather that through nursing, you can actually affect, influence or even change both a patient's and a nurse's life for the better.

Jean Watson's Theory of Caring Essay Words | 8 Pages. Jean Watson's Theory of Caring Jean Watson's Theory of Caring Dr. Jean Watson developed a theory of human caring that has become essential in nursing.

Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring

Caring is at the core of nursing and is vital in providing positive patient outcomes.

Watsons theory of human caring essay
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